Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi, I’m Inphome Rochelle, Inventor, Maker, President, CEO and customer of MyBinder Clip®. A long time ago, like you, I used to break down in the office when my memos would not fit into the traditional binder clips we had on hand. (I may actually have been frustrated trying to figure out how they worked, I don’t recall now.) I would try and try until the edges of my pages were all ruffled, and in the end, I just resorted to my old Trapper Keeper. I started to research binder clips, determined to create the world’s most flexible, easy-to-use clip. MyBinder Clip® is adjustable to your filing needs and guaranteed to stay flexible throughout your full 3-week Warranty. You can wash it as easily as your favorite paperclip (but don’t put it in the dryer, I tried that). 

 [Image credit: 8one6 via Flickr]
You won’t find MyBinder Clip® at Staples. 
MyBinder Clip® is made exclusively by Inphome Rochelle, Inc. I spent the last twelve years designing the product. The first six consisted of conducting research to ascertain how the damn things work—pardon my française. I mean, essay to put your papers between the two metal key-hole-shaped things of a binder clip, and nothing transpires. But fold the metal pieces back over the triangular-pipe-shaped part, and all of a sudden, what seemed a triangular-pipe-shaped part becomes a…a…a…a clip. Well, the two moving pieces are a clip; the back side is more of a binding, or binder, so to speak.
I digress. Once I figured out the binder clip mechanism, the next step was to create a binder clip that would hold documents of all different sizes. The researchers here at MyBinder Clip® took some standard binder clips and used our proprietary plastic blend to make them in all different sizes. Suddenly, an array of possibilities opened up. MyBinder Clip® opened wider and wider. Best of all, unlike most binder clips, which, to the naïve observer, have the exact same outward trappings of MyBinder Clip®, my exclusive product comes with an instruction manual.
I’ve received many testimonials regarding how MyBinder Clip® has changed the lives of customers with such disorders as:
- Disorganization 
- “Not having a head for binders” 
- “Not having a head for clips”
- Pack-ratiness
- Difficulty burning money  
- Insomnia (my late-night spot on Channel 837 is really good)

Even if you succeed in using the traditional binder clips, your document may not be getting the full binding experience afforded by MyBinder Clip®.
I’m so confident in MyBinder Clip® that I’m offering a 2-Day Money-Back-Guarantee in addition to the 3-month Warranty!
I truly believe that MyBinder Clip® is the best binder clip around and that if everyone used them, the world would be a better place.